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    Kids Books: Mouse’s First Snow by Lauren Thompson
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    In this children’s book read aloud, Mouse is going out on a wonderful adventure out into the cold weather.

    Together, Mouse and Poppa go out to play in the snowdrifts together.

    In Mouse’s First Snow, they go sledding down a fun hill as Poppa shows him how to sled down the big hill in a whoosh! Mouse follows Poppa down the hill.

    As the kids book continues, Poppa takes mouse skating and helps him twirly and whirly on the cold snowy ice.

    As we continue to real along in this childrens story, they go out and make beautiful snow angels.

    Mouse knows that he can do it just as he say Poppa do! Next, Poppa helps Mouse make a snow house that can withstand all the cold wind around them.

    As the story for children comes to a close, Poppa makes a round snowball surprise.

    You will have to follow the children’s book along, they end with a fun surprise in the snow; you will have to read along with us to find out what the surprise is for Mouse’s First Snow!!

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    Author: Lauren Thompson
    Illustrator: Buket Erdogan

    We hope you enjoy this kids book read aloud!

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