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    Kids Books: Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett
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    Gingerbread Baby was created on a great day for cooking gingerbread.

    Matti and his mother got out their cookbook and turned to the recipe for Gingerbread Baby.

    As the childrens book continues, they cook their recipe and then open the oven door and a Gingerbread Baby pops out.

    The Gingerbread Baby talks and dances around and then says “Catch me if you can!” He runs all around and then runs outside into the yard! After getting outside, he Rides the Tabby cat and outruns the dog and the Gingerbread Baby outruns them all! Marth and Madeline find their braids tied together by the clever Gingerbread menace as he escapes their trap.

    This fun kids book read aloud, Mattie continues cooking in the kitchen as he makes something to catch Gingerbread Baby with.

    As the holiday children’s story continues, we see as he tries to cross the river a whole crowd of villagers try to capture him, but he’s too fast as leaps onto a floating piece of ice on the river.

    Fox sees him floating and runs to capture him in this story for kids.

    He barely escapes by jumping into the milkman's bucket and then runs off with the whole village chasing after him! Gingerbread Baby sees a gingerbread house and runs into it.

    Listen and watch this fun Christmas kids book read aloud to discover how the story ends!

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    Author: Jan Brett
    Illustrator: Jan Brett
    We hope you enjoy these kids books read aloud!

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