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    Children's Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Read Aloud
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    In this children's book read aloud, a small egg sits on a leaf under the light of a moon.The warm sun rises and a small hungry caterpillar hatches out of the egg.

    He has been sleeping a long time and feels extremely hungry and so he begins to look through for some food.

    As this kids book continues, we see that he first eats an apple but that doesn’t fill him up and he is still a hungry caterpillar.

    The next day he eats through two pears, but even that doesn't fill him up either.

    The bedtime story tells us that he continues to eat more food to satisfy his hunger.

    The caterpillar even tries eating four strawberries, but that does not stop his voracious appetite! As we hear this books read aloud, we see on the next day that he tries eating through four healthy oranges, but that doesn't make him feel full either.

    As the childrens book continues, the hungry caterpillar tries to fill himself by eating all sorts of food including pie, muffins, watermelon, a pickle, a lollipop and all kinds of other food.

    Sadly, that makes him feel sick and gives him a stomach ache.

    As we read along together, we see that it is now Sunday again and he has been eating for a week trying to fill himself up! Today, instead of eating all kinds of junk food caterpillar eats only one green leaf and feels a lot better.

    He finally isn't hungry anymore and instead has become a big fat caterpillar.

    He wraps himself in a cocoon and waits for 2 weeks.

    He nibbles through a hole in his cocoon pushes his way out back into the world.

    You will have to listen to this children's book read aloud to find out what he has transformed himself.

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    Author: Eric Carle
    Illustrator: Eric Carle

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