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    Children's Books: Emeraldalicious Read Aloud from the Pinkalicious Series
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    In this children’s book read aloud, Pinkalicious and her brother Peter are strolling through the park when suddenly she falls and breaks her toy wand.

    She decides to make a new one out of a stick, a flower, and some vines.

    As the kids book continues, the wand flies out of her hands and begins to sparkle with magic.

    Pinkalicious and her brother discover in this fun childrens story, that it’s a magical wand that can fulfill their wishes! As they try to cast spells, the wand keep ignoring their commands and doesn’t seem to be listening to them.

    They begin to think the wand is not obeying them because she is not a princess.

    Pinkalicious makes a cape and a crown out of woven flowers so she can look like a princess.

    As we read aloud together, we see them go around the corner and find a giant smelly pile of garbage where their favorite park used to be.

    After they arrive and look around, they find the magical wand has soared up into a tree.

    Pinkalicious and her brother get the wand down and begin to use it to make their wishes come true.

    They wish for a throne, a castle, and all kinds of beautiful things.

    They even use the want to wish for flowers growing out of the ground to help make the garbage go away and make their park Emeraldalicious again.

    In this kids book, we see that the wand doesn't always obey their wishes though, and they have to discover the secret trick to make the wand obey their wishes.

    You will have to watch this children’s book read aloud to find out what the secret trick is! At the end of the book, the wand is taken away by a powerful breeze that leaves sparkles in the air and a shower of magic seeds.

    Pinkalicious and her brother decided to use the seeds to make the park Emeraldalicious once again!

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    Author: Victoria Kann
    Illustrator: Victoria Kann

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