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    Children's Books Read Aloud: Corduroy
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    In this kids book read aloud, Corduroy is a little stuffed animal bear in a large department store.

    He is hoping that he will be bought and adopted by a little girl that passes him by.

    Sadly, the girl’s mother notices Corduroy is lacking a button on his shoulder strap and says to the girl that he is old and used.

    Corduroy feels sad, and that night he goes looking for his missing button.

    He wanders up an escalator to discover what looks like a huge palace! As we continue to read aloud together, we notice that it is actually just a furniture store with many rows of beds and other furniture.

    Corduroy notices that there are what look like buttons on the beds and he pops one off and crashes to the floor while knocking over a lamp.

    If you continue to read along, you will read about a security guard who comes to investigate what the giant crash was and discovers Corduroy hiding under a bedsheet.

    He takes him back to his place on the shelf and he falls asleep there.

    The next day, the little girl returns and decides to buy Corduroy and take him home.

    In this kids books, the girls is very kind and sews on a new button for Corduroy’s overalls and make him look nice and new! She loves him and treats him like a good friend should!

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    Author: Don Freeman
    Illustrator: Don Freeman

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