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    Children's Books: Caps for Sale Read Aloud
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    Caps for Sale is a classic children’s book that your kids will love reading with you.

    It tells the story of a man who sells caps for living.

    Today, he has gone all around the town trying to sell his caps to the townspeople.

    Sadly, no one is interested in buying his caps.

    He walks here and there yelling, “Caps for Sale” Because he hasn’t sold anything, he has no money to buy any lunch.

    As the children’s story continues, we read about how he gets very hungry and so he decides to head out of town.

    One of the most fun parts of this children’s book is how he carefully walks so as not to disturb his giant stack of caps on his head.

    He heads out of the town and lays down while resting his head against a large tree.

    He closes his eye and falls asleep.

    As we read aloud together, we discover that he awakens to find all of his caps missing! He searches here and there, but the caps he usually would sell have now disappeared! Finally, in his search he decides to look up above his head.

    He sees a large group of monkeys that have stolen all of his caps! He tries to persuade, convince, and ask the monkeys to give him back his precious caps, but to no avail.

    In this classic children’s book, you have to read along till the very end to discover what the man does to retrieve his caps from the hands of this mischievous monkeys!

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    Author: Esphyr Slobodkina
    Illustrator: Esphyr Slobodkina

    We hope you enjoy these children's books read aloud!

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