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    Children's Books: Giraffes Can’t Dance Read Aloud
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    Giraffes can’t dance or so the creatures of the jungle say.

    Gerald was a giraffe of the jungle and although he was good at standing still and eating from tall trees, when he tried to dance he would fall over.

    Every year in Africa they hold a dance, but Gerald was sad because he couldn’t dance like the rest of them.

    The chimps, baboons, zebras, lions and hippos all held a wonderful dance and could tango across the dance floor.

    As Gerald approached, they all laughed at him and made fun of him by telling him that giraffes can't dance.

    Gerald thought they were right and he felt very embarrassed and wandered off of the dance floor feeling sad.

    As he was looking up at the beautiful Moon, a cricket told him that even though you may be different, you can dance to a different kind of music.The cricket told him to listen to all the sounds of the trees and animals around him as well as the breeze blowing by and dance to that music instead.

    Although everyone else said that giraffes can't dance, once Gerald started listening to that music he began to swing, swishing his tail, and making circles on the ground.

    This giraffe began to dance like no one had ever seen before, even doing somersaults in the air.

    Everyone regretted shouting that giraffes can’t dance.

    All the other animals watching Gerald the giraffe dancing begin to exclaim that he is the greatest dancer they had ever seen.

    Never again would the creatures of the jungle say that giraffes can’t dance!

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    Author: by Giles Andreae
    Illustrator: Guy Parker-Rees

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