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    Children's Books: The Going to Bed Book Read Aloud
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    The Going to Bed Book is a fabulous bedtime story for kids.

    The kids book real aloud opens with us seeing the sun setting on a group of animals riding in a boat.

    They are see all of them going to bed in this children's book.

    First they take a bath and get all clean and then hang their towels on the wall.

    As a children's book continues, we see them finding pajamas for each of them.

    While going to bed, some of the pajamas are big and some are small.

    They also have to get ready for bed by brushing their teeth and making sure they are squeaky clean.

    As we read along and this bedtime story we see them exercising and getting fit and healthy as they prepare for bed.

    They go down the stairs below the boat and turn off the light to go to sleep.

    In this children's story read aloud, we see the moon high in the sky has the boat rocked back and forth in the conways rocking all of them to sleep.

    Storybooks are full of magic and wonder for children.

    They help to capture their imagination and also stimulate them to read and improve their literacy skills.

    Reading kids books is very important for children; they need to practice reading aloud and understanding what they read.

    This will help them both in school and in their future lives.

    Storybook Nanny was created as a resource of the best kids books read aloud that can be watched on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    We hope your children will read along with us as we enjoy these wonderful children stories together.

    Whether you use them as a going to bed book, as bedtime stories, or something for kids to do during quiet time, we hope that these stories for kids will be enjoyed by the whole family.

    Children's books read aloud will help your children fall in love with story books and learn to enjoy reading.

    Children’s stories read aloud are better than a video game or TV as they demand a child’s attention and helps them to learn how to focus, both of which are critical skills for academic success.

    Author: Sandra Boynton
    Illustrator: Sandra Boynton

    We hope you enjoy these children's books read aloud!

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