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    Children's Books: The Giving Tree Read Aloud
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    This children's book read aloud is about a Giving Tree that loved a little boy.

    This kids book we see a little boy who would come to the tree everyday and gather her leaves.

    He would make the leaves into a crown and play King of the Forest.

    He would climb up her trunk and swing from her branches and he would also eat her apples and play hide and go seek.

    The Giving Tree and the boy were very good friends and when he was tired, he would lay down and sleep in her shade.

    The boy loved the Giving Tree and this made the tree very happy.

    As the kids book continues, we see as time passes and the boys grows older, he doesn't play with the Giving Tree anymore.

    It made the tree sad because she is often very alone.

    A long time later, the boy goes back to the Giving Tree and the tree asks the boy to come and play in the branches.

    Sadly, but the boy says that he is too old and doesn't have time to have fun but instead he needs some money.

    The Giving Tree says she doesn't have money but she does invite him to take her apples and sell them in the city for money.

    In the children's story, we see the boy climb up the tree and pick the apples and carry them away to sell in the city.

    The boy stays away for a very long time, but eventually he comes back and the Giving Tree is so excited to see him.

    She swings her branches and remembers all the time fun times that they had together and invites him to come and climb in her branches.

    The boy says he is too busy to climb trees, but he wants to build a house and asks the Giving Tree if she can give him a house.

    She says that she does not have a house because the forest is her house, but invites the boy to cut off or branches and use them to build the house.

    Later in this children's book, we see the boy does not return for a very long time.

    Later in the story for kids, the boy returns as an old man and the Giving Tree is so happy to see him.

    She is so excited that she shakes with joy and invites the boy to come and play.

    The boy says that he is too old and sad to play and wants to leave this place, so he asks if the tree can give him a boat.

    The Giving Tree says that she cannot give him a boat but she invites the boy to take her trunk and build a boat with it.

    After a long time the Boy comes back and the tree apologizes and says that she is sorry because she has nothing left to give him.

    But she does say that the boy can sit on her stump and take a rest.

    He sits down on the Giving Tree stump and takes a rest, and they sit together.

    This makes the Giving Tree very happy.

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