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    Children's Books: Love You Forever Read Aloud
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    Love you forever is a classic children's book that your kids will love to read.

    Love you forever is a story about a mother who loved her baby boy and would sing him a song, I love you forever, I'll like you for always.

    In the children’s story, the boy continues to grow older until he was 2 years old and he would make giant messes in the home and make the mother very frustrated.

    Yet, after the little boy fell asleep, she would crawl into his room and sing to him, I love you forever, I'll like you for always.

    As this kids book continues, the boy grew even older and he would not come home for dinner or take a bath.

    His mother would get very frustrated and even say she wanted to sell him to the zoo.

    Despite that, at night time when he was asleep, the mother would crawl into his room and sing to him, I “love you forever”.

    As the bedtime story goes on, we see the boy continue to grow older until he was a teenager.

    At this age he got some weird friends and listened to some very annoying music.

    But even then, at night the mother would crawl into his room and sing to him saying, I love you forever.

    As the children's book continues, we see the boy growing old enough to buy his own home and move across town.

    Despite him being an adult, she would drive across town to visit him and sing to him, I love you forever.

    The mother got older and older and one day called her son and told him that he should come and visit her because she was getting very old and sick.

    She tried to sing to her son I love you forever, but instead the son held his mother in his arms and rocked her to sleep singing I Love You Forever.

    When the son came home that night he went into his baby daughter’s room, picked her up in his arms and sang I love you forever.

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    Author: Robert Munsch
    Illustrator: Sheila McGraw

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