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    Pinkalicious Children's Books: Silverlicious Read Aloud
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    Silverlicious is another book in the popular Pinkalicious book series.

    Pinkalicious has a loose tooth and she is wiggling it loose during all of her meals.

    Pinkalicious takes a bite of a cookie but her tooth falls out.

    She discovers that it is her sweet tooth because the cookie no longer taste sweet at all.

    She tucks her tooth under her pillow with a note telling the Tooth Fairy about her lost tooth.

    When Pinkalicious wakes up to her alarm she discovers a Silverlicious note from the tooth fairy.

    It turns out that Cupid has come instead of the tooth fairy because the Tooth Fairy was busy.

    Pinkalicious tries to eat some of the red hot candies that Cupid left for her but they taste like coal.

    The next morning Pinkalicious has a Silverlicious note from the Easter Bunny telling her that he has left her some jelly beans.

    Pinkalicious tries to taste them but they don't taste sweet at all because she doesn't have her sweet tooth.

    She writes a Silverlicious note to the Easter Bunny telling him that the jelly beans are not good.

    The next morning Pinkalicious wakes up and finds a Silverlicious note from Santa's elves and some candy canes that were left for her.

    She tastes one of the candy canes but it tasted like hard toothpaste.

    Pinkalicious writes a Silverlicious note to Santa's elf to tell him about her problems and ask him to send it to TootheeTina.

    She wakes the next morning and found nothing under her pillow.

    There is a small slip of paper with three silver coins telling her that sweetness comes from the inside.

    Will Pinkalicious learn how to be Silverlicious sweet from the inside instead of expecting candy?

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