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    Children's Books: No David Read Aloud
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    In the book No David, David's mom is always telling him No David.

    He tries to reach up and grab the cookie jar but his mother tells him No David.

    He walks across the white carpet with muddy shoes and his mother yells to him No David.

    He is playing in the bathtub and splashing water all over the floor and his mother is getting worried.

    On another page of the children’s story, he even runs outside without any clothes on and his mom tells him to come back to the house.

    He also starts banging pots and pans loudly with a metal spoon and his mother tells him No David.

    Sometimes David plays with his food at the table and chomps his meal loudly, but his mother tells him that's enough David.

    It gets so bad that she even has to tell him to go to his room, but when he gets there he starts jumping on his bed! As we continue to read the kids book, we see him make a giant mess in his room and his mother tells him to put his toys away.

    Perhaps worst of all, is when David tries to play baseball indoors but hits the flower vase onto the floor and his mother tells him No David.

    As the children's book read aloud comes to a close David's mother tells him to come here and assure him that she loves him, despite telling him no David so often.

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    Author: David Shannon
    Illustrator: David Shannon

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