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    Children's Books: You Are Not Small read aloud
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    You Are Not Small starts with two bear-like creatures disagreeing about who is small and who is big.

    The bigger creature tells the smaller creature, "you are small".

    The smaller creature responds back to the larger one that he is large.

    The argument continues throughout the kids book as many larger creatures gather to support his argument.

    Just then, a bunch of smaller creatures show up to support the side of the smaller creatures.

    As the children’s story continues, we see a HUGE fuzzy creature stomp with a "boom" in between both sides of the fight.

    From up above, an even tinier creature parachutes into the kids books.

    Now the two sides come to an agreement that their differences are relative and that they are neither big nor small.

    The larger animal says, You Are Not Small to the others.

    As the children’s story comes to a conclusion, both sides agree that they are hungry and go on to eat.

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    Author: Anna Kang
    Illustrator: Christopher Weyant

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